How To Get Your Hands On The Rare Paradise Kiss #3

Paradise kiss III

Yukari takes on her modeling career. Since she is a natural in modeling, she receives offers from big modeling agencies. The challenge she faces is that she will need her parents’ consent before being represented by anyone. She turns to George, her lover for some professional guidance. George’s answers makes Yukari question his love for her, at the back of her mind. She starts to wonder whether he is worth of her devotion and time.

Products Details

The paradise kiss book 3 has a paperback of 184 pages it was published by TokyoPop; gph edition in October, 15, 2002.

It is has a product dimension of 0.5 by 4.8 by 7.2 inches and the shipping weight is 5.6 ounces.

The paradise kiss book is written in the English language.

The book is a great read for any NANA fan and it will take you the reader into the various adventures of Ai Yazawa.  The book’s translation is very strong for readers of all age groups. The book is specifically a good read for kids aged above 15 years.

The story and the manga designs in the book are in such a way that they give the reader a feeling of being present as the events unfold.

The book is a motivation and an eye opener for those who are torn in between two worlds; the life they desire to live and the life they are made to live. This makes it very interesting and enjoyable.

Also, this book is good for any fan of fashion. It has unique art which is glorious in its own way. Yazawa also is stunning in her ability to give each character a lot of depth.

The story starts to wrap up as the fashion show comes so as to give the reader a fantastic end that is not disappointing.

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