The Blu-Rays You MUST Have If You Are A Paradise Kiss Fan

The Blu Ray stars Kitagawa Keiko and Mukai Osamu as the main characters of the story. For DVDs, see DVDs.

Yukari (Kitagawa Keiko) is a high school student who has to study hard and become successful due to pressure from her mom. Apparently, Yukari’s mom believes that one can only be success only if they study.

She meets a group of fashion design students led by George (Mukai Osamu) who wants her to join their group by modeling their label, going by the name Paradise Kiss. Initially, Yukari hesitates while thinking about all the pressures she gets from her mother but she eventually gives in when she discovers the passion she has and her dream of being a model and fashionista.

Yukari is infatuated by George and falls in love with him.

Paradise Kiss Blu Ray (Region A) (English Subtitled)

Paradise kiss Blu-Ray (region A)

Product Details

The format is Blu-ray, Dolby, color and subtitled.

The Blu-ray is available in Japanese language but with Chinese and English subtitles (Dolby Digital 5.1).

It is produced by Inter-Continental Video Limited (IVL) studios.

The Blu-ray run time is 114 minutes.

The product is available in North, Central and South America, Japan, North and South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and South-East Asia.

The Blu-ray movie is fun to watch. If you have watched the anime version of it, you may consider watching this one too. Though they are similar in plot, the movie differs slightly. Every girl should actually watch this.

It is perfect for family viewing since there is no vulgar or abusive language. Younger children may be prevented to watch it but teens and adults are a perfect audience.

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Japanese Movie – Paradise Kiss [Japan BD]

Paradise kiss Japanese movie Blu-ray

Product Details

The Blu-ray is available in Japanese language (Dolby Digital 5.1) but with both English and Japanese subtitles.

It has a single disc.

It is valid in all regions with no restrictions whatsoever.

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