How To Get Your Hands On The Rare Paradise Kiss Book #2

Paradise kiss book II

Paradise kiss 2 is the second book in the paradise kiss series. It is authored by Ai Yazawa.

It is a continuation of Yukari’s story. Ever since she joined the fashion forward, paradise kiss, her life has not been the same anymore. Her normal school girl life is disrupted. Yukari falls in love with the extra ordinary fashion designer, George, who refers to himself as an equal opportunity lover. Yukari’s parents are not thrilled with her new adventure into the fashion world. She faces the danger of being kicked out of school since she spends most of her time with her new friends from the paradise kiss. This book takes the reader through Yukari’s adventure as she navigates into the wild fashion world, foxy people and fun friendships.

Products Details

The paradise kiss book 2 has a total of 192 pages.

It was published on August 13 in 2002 by TokyoPop; Gph edition. The book has a product of 0.5 by 5.2 by 7.5 inches and a shipping weight of 6.4 ounces.

The book is written in English.

The book is ideal for kids aged 16 years and above. This is because kids blow that age group, especially girls; prefer to read fantasy romance stories. Yukari’s love, George, is not the typically 15 year old fantasy guy as he is brought out to be a cool cold guy.

It is mostly from a female perspective and many males may have trouble relating to Yukari’s thoughts and actions.

The book is dramatic and has some parts which are really rib cracking such as when Arashi gets worked up after George decided to do a difficult design, the item Arashi holds in her hand is just funny.

The paradise kiss is generally one of the best comic books. It has one of the best Japanese fashion styles ranging from the Japanese street fashion to the Lolita fashion.

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About the author

Ai Yazawa grew up with the desire of being a fashion designer. She became enrolled in the Osaka mode academy as a youth. While working for the RIBON, a monthly girl’s anthology, with the title 15th year, she wrote tales on young love. Her readers though were more captivated by her good sense of design. Her title, NANA, became an international sensation in the entertainment world.