The Paradise Kiss Books You MUST Have In Your Collection

Paradise kiss is a manga series that is written and illustrated by Ai Yazawa. It is of the Japanese origin. This anime series is popular in many parts of the world. It has been translated and subtitled into at least ten languages for easy reading for the fans of the series. The languages include; Italian, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese, Korean and English.

Unlike other Ai Yazawa’s works, the paradise kiss is a standalone story. It only features three supporting characters as some main characters from the Gokinjo Monogatari make appearances in the series.

Paradise Kiss Book 1

Paradise kiss book 1

The paradise kiss book 1, by Ai Yazawa, tells the story of Yukari who is a very spirited girl in senior high school. While studying for her college entrance exams, she is saddened by the prospect of her life becoming meaningless and dull. This leaves her a bit depressed.

In her frustration, she starts to neglect her course and begins hanging out with a group of students who are fashion designers. However, Yukari does not know that the circle is referred to as the paradise kiss. She also has no idea that the group is run by young fashion designers who are making their mark in the Asian scene.

Yukari’s life is obviously going to change soon. This may not be as a result of the commerce or political future her family had hoped for. Instead, it is due to the world of high fashion, as her takes on the catwalks as the face of Asian fashion.

Product Details

The book has a total of 280 pages.

The book has a product dimension of 14.5 by 1.9 by 21 cm.

Product description

The book is a perfect illustration of the manga art and it has a wonderful plot that pulls you in. The drama in the story makes one hungry for more.

The artwork contained in the book is very unique and very stunning. It is highly ascetic. The characters are also a motivation. Despite their many flaws, they work hard, dream big, they have fun, make mistakes and learn life lessons and they open themselves up to new possibilities.

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Paradise Kiss Book 2

Paradise kiss book II

Paradise kiss book 2 tells of how Yukari’s life has evolved since meeting the paradise kiss group. Her mother is not pleased with the idea of her becoming a model since she may neglect her studies and the fashion world can be wild and unfriendly sometimes. In this book, Yukari starts the basic steps of growing so as to become a more independent woman who is capable of thinking on her own. With the help of the paradise kiss crew, we see Yukari’s journey through the fashion world and her fun friendships.

The paradise kiss book 2 was published by TokyoPop in august 13, 2002 with a total of 192 pages. The book has been authored in English.

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Paradise Kiss 3

Paradise kiss book III

Being a natural when it comes to modeling, Yukari gets many offers from bi agencies to join them. She however will need her mother’s consent before she can venture into the modeling career. She is in a dilemma as to whether she will be consented or not. She turns to the one person in her life that she can always get advice from, George, for some professional advice.

The paradise kiss book 3 has a product dimension of 0.5 by 4.8 by 7.2 inches. It was published by TokyoPop in October 15, 2002 with a total of 184 pages. The weight of the product is 5.6 ounces.

It is written in English language.

The paradise kiss book 3 is a reflection of some of the dilemmas that young teenagers face in their lives. This is because Yukari is torn between doing she loves and desires and doing that what her parents want. Depending on the choice she decides to go with, Yukari’s life will never be the same again. She takes the risk and decides to go for the modeling career. Since the school’s fashion show is approaching, the paradise kiss book 3 ends leaving the reader anticipating for more of it since it is about to climax.

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Paradise Kiss Book 4

Paradise kiss book IV

The fashion show which is organized by the school has approached and the designs are ready. Yukari passes out due to exhaustion in George’s car and no one is sure whether she will be up in time for the fashion show. An old female friend of George’s shows up to support paradise kiss for the fashion show and Yukari is suspicious of the relationship between the two of them and does not trust George. She puts this aside and focuses on her work and wants the paradise kiss to top in the fashion show. Will the paradise kiss reign or will they have the bitter taste of defeat?

Product Details

The paradise kiss book 4 has 192 pages and it was published by TokyoPop; Gph edition on January 14, 2003.

It has a dimension of 0.5 by 4.8 by 7.2 inches and a weight of 6.4 ounces.

It is written in English.

The paradise kiss book series gives a real look into teen challenges, the romantic world and the fashion industry obsessed teenagers. Yukari’s character is a true reflection of her art style and it captures the essential creative, colorful and modern Japanese fashion.

As the paradise kiss progresses, Yukari is becoming more independent and her character grows. Despite the large sexual content, the book is done tastefully and is a good read of kids’ aged 16 years and above.

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Paradise Kiss Book 5

Paradise kiss book V

As any other fashion show, the school’s fashion show was characterized by glamour. Designers and divas put forward their best feet in the catwalk. Yukari wore designs by George and was a real site to behold. Her good looks received much attention as compared to George’s unusual and stunning creations which received mixed reactions. Yukari and George’s relationship becomes a strain since he is uncertain of his future and he has never perceived himself as a one woman person. Yukari wants to keep pursuing modeling and go to school and with the college entrance exams approaching, she finds it hard to concentrate as George seems upset and distant. The paradise kiss members start making their post graduation plans. Major decisions need to be made and lives will be changed. What is to become of the paradise kiss?

The art in this manga series is incredible and brilliant. The readers are also treated to a wild plot that holds together in a world that is irresistible.

Products Details

This book has 200 pages and was published by TokyoPop; Gph edition on March 9, 2004. It is written in English and has a product dimension of 7.4 by 5 by 0.6 inches. Its weight is about 7 ounces.

By the end of the paradise kiss book series, Yukari has grown and developed a completely different personality. From having a dull and meaningless life she develops into a person who is full of dreams, passion and a lot of courage. Her friends also grow from the first book to the last and help Yukari to face the real world and show her how to live without fear.

The book is a great read for all persons aged above 16yaers since it has sexual content in it.

Generally, the paradise kiss book series is full of unique, brilliant art styles that are colorful, creative and stunningly done. It is a must have for any fan of the anime manga character.

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About author

Ai Yazawa grew up with the desire of being a fashion designer. She became enrolled in the Osaka mode academy as a youth. While working for the RIBON, a monthly girl’s anthology, with the title 15th year, she wrote tales on young love. Her readers though were more captivated by her good sense of design. Her title, NANA, became an international sensation in the entertainment world.

The book paradise kiss having been translated into ten languages is considered her defining work.

The main characters of the paradise kiss book series are;

Caroline Yukari Hayasaka

She is a pretty girl who is in senior high school and is bored of her life since she sees
it as meaningless. She joins a group of fashion students, whom she initially had a snobbish attitude towards. She finds herself holding the students in great admiration and develops an interest in fashion. Her new found friends in parakiss support her as she navigates her profound passion for modeling. Yukari is also romantically involved with George ho comes off as cold and manipulative. She eventually marries Hiroyuki after George leaves to Paris in pursuit of his fashion design career.


Joji Koizumi “George”

George is a very gifted fashion design senior student at Yazagaku fashion school. H
e has a distinctive blue hair and eyes. George sees himself as an equal opportunity lover since he is bisexual and he leads a very extravagant life. He wants Yukari to become an independent woman who is capable of making her own decision and being responsible for them. His high end lifestyle which includes a vintage jaguar and his studies are sponsored by his wealthy father. He eventually leaves with Isabella to pursue fashion design in Paris.


Arashi Nagase

Arashi has a great taste in punk style and music. He is a student at the Yazagaku fashion s
chool. He tries to scout Yukari in the streets of Tokyo but she flees him because of his appearance; safety pin piercing and distressed jeans. On the other hand George enjoys teasing Arashi. Arashi hates being compared to Hiroyuki and he sees himself as an inferior to Hiroyuki. At the end, Hiroyuki and Miwako help him overcome his insecurities and he is reunited with them as friends. Arashi is portrayed as the voice of reason in paradise kiss. He marries Miwako and the two have a daughter who resembles Arashi.

Miwako Sakurada

Miwako works with George in the paradise kiss. She is bubbly and has pink hair. She has a childish character and style and always carries konpeito candy with her. She has a cute personality and is adored by many and she becomes Yukari’s best friend. Unknown to many, she is a childhood friend and the first love of Hiroyuki.



Isabella Yamamoto

She is tall and assumes the role of the mother figure of the paradise kiss members.
She is a good example of femininity and of high class. She is the one who inspired George to pursue
his fashion design passion and also took every cloth that he designed. Isabella is a great encouragement to Yukari when she is low in spirits. She is a transgender woman and is always mortified when referred to by her birth name, Daisuke.


Hiroyuki Tokumori

He is a handsome prodigy who was once in love with Miwako, before Arashi forbade Miw
ako from seeing him. After giving advice to Arashi on how to deal with his feeling for Miwako, the three of them amend their past friendship. Hiroyuki is intelligent and always tops in his class and dreams of being a physician. He has a serious crush and liking for Yukari but dismisses his feeling because a girl like her would never look at a man like him. He is frustrated at always being second to both Yukari and Miwako.


Kaori Aso

She is an extremely talented and determined former student of the Yazagaku fashion school who received a scholarship to study abroad since she won the junior grand prize. She has feeling for George and George has unique feelings for her. These are those of mere admiration or romance, but as a reader, am not sure again.




Alice Yamaguchi

She is minor character and is Miwako’s niece. Being a third grade student, she is perky as her aunt Miwako.