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Paradise kiss volume II

Yukari is a senior high school student who is under pressure from both her parents and teachers to excel in her studies and go to a good college. She is later approached by Arashi who asks her if she wants to become a model. She attempts to run away but is kidnapped by Isabella. She later meets Miwako and they again ask her to become a model. She declines but what she does not know is that her life is about to change as she cannot get the encounter out of her head.

Yukari runs away when her mother refuses to accept her involvement in with the paradise kiss. She drops out of school to pursue her dream of becoming a professional model.

Yukari becomes romantically involved with George and Tokumori, her classmate, warns her about her possible expulsion from school and questions about Yukari and George’s relationship. Yukari is forced to face her most difficult life changing decision. Will she give up what her heart desires most?

Product Details

The paradise kiss vol 2 is in the format of a DVD. It is colored, animated, Dolby and with subtitles. It also comes in widescreen and NTSC.

The DVD comes in Japanese and English languages and the subtitles are in the English language.

The DVD was released on February the 27th in 2007 by the Geneon (Pioneer) studios. It has a running time of 100 minutes.

The aspect ratio is 1.78:1 on the screen.

The series is an anime and is a great show for anyone.

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